Stakeholders laud Nigerite over new building solutions

Stakeholders in the Nigerian real estate sector have applauded Nigerite over its championship initiative in promotingdry construction as a new innovation in the construction industry in the 21st Century.

The professionals who attended a one-day talk shop organized by Nigerite on “Innovative Building Construction in the 21st Century” in Lagos last week were of the opinion that the time is now for the building industry to embrace dry construction as the fastest way to bridge the nation’s building deficit.

Commenting on the outcome of the brain-storming session after the talk-shop, Wole Adebayo, an architect and Managing Director of Wole Adebayo & Associates said, “it is the right time for Nigerians to start thinking about a new innovative way of building”, adding thatthe forum was the best platform towards housing delivery in Nigeria.
Commending Nigerite,Adebayo said, “I think Nigerite is championing a good course and I will alsoencourage some building materials producers in Nigeria to start thinking along the same line”.while encouraging professionals in the built environment sector to support the move.

In his own remarks at the forum, Mr. Lekan Ajayi, a mortgage banker with City Mortgage, Lagos was of the view that Nigerians should embrace the idea of dry construction as this is the new building technology in developed societies.
According to him, “Nigerite is doing a great job by putting the forum on innovative building construction together. We should all support dry construction as an alternative to wet construction. This is what is happening in most developed countries of the world and we should not be left behind”.

Similarly, an academicat the Department of Civil Engineer of the Covenant University,Mr. Ogbiye Adebanji said “Nigerite’s drive to involve all stakeholders into the new innovative way of building with dry construction is the best way to achieve perfect understanding and knowledge by all concerned.

Adebanji who attended the one-day forum with not less than twenty students of the University said the forum was educative, interesting and exciting, pointing outthat when the new way of building is eventually embraced,it will create jobs for all the professionals in the building sub-sector.
Speaking earlier, Executive Director, Marketing, Nigerite, Toyin Gbede, an architect said the forum was a follow-up to the earlier one held this year. He stated that the purpose of the eventwas to encourage Nigerians into accepting a non-conventional building process thatwill help in solving the question of efficient and international best practice in modern building construction in Nigeria.
He disclosed that the dry construction method being championed by Nigerite is a better viable option than the present conventional wet construction process.
Gbede observed thatthe initial forum held January this year was done to sensitize and gather the views of all relevant stakeholders on the new way to go, saying that all agreed at the forum then that dry construction is the ideal construction method to consider inthis century, more so with the housing deficit and commercial retail outlets staring us in the face.

However, he disclosed that the second forum was to engage professionals on how to address the fearsthey may have on dry construction method. He said “to alarge extent, we are able to achieve the set objective of identifying the fears of various professionals in attendance on issuesof availability of materials, skill and technology, perception of end users, maintenance, adaptability and acceptability of the process in totality?”


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