Morachi – Seimuna + Fine Fine Baby

Morachi @MorachiOnline is one Nigerian Performer comfortable with trying different genres of music ranging from R&B to Hip-Hop and Afro Soul. Now, the versatile entertainer gives us two hot new singles ‘Seimuna (Sexy Mama)’ and ‘Fine Fine Baby’.
On ‘Seimuna’, a love song, Morachi blends contemporary high-life with soukous to create an infectious sound, bound to get heads nodding and hips swaying at first listen. Seimuna simply means sexy woman, He sings of his sweetheart, his love and plans for their relationship.
Fine Fine Baby on the other hand pays tribute to the graceful ways our fine ladies move when dancing. Another one bound to get you grooving, we see Morachi putting lot more of his Igbo flavour and rhythm into this. Listen up and enjoy these tunes!”
Bump It Below! #Tune

‘Fine Fine Baby’



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