Solidstar – One Nigeria

“Like he (SOLIDSTAR) and his record label (ACHIEVAS ENT) promised, they are set to drop another joint from ‘SOLIDSTAR’S GRACE & GLORY ALBUM, just days after the “WORRY ME” track which caused an excited FRENZY amongst his fans not excluding his colleagues. Solidstar and his team decided to bring it mellow this time around, digressing from the NORMS, to do something different, fresh and i believe will be “EVERGREEN” . Something also achieved by our “LEGEND” (ONE LOVE by ONYEKA OWENU). Its a song made to celebrate a great nation forged almost a century long gone (1914).
ONE NIGERIA as the track is called, is a song set to take us back into history, reminding us of how far we have come. Thus!! i say, here is a song for the century! Enjoy….
Get the GRACE & GLORY album as soon as it drops
Twitter: @SolidstarIsoko
Instagram: @OfficialSolidstar.”



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