Rowlands & Duzzi (Gbemisola Of Project Fame 6.0) – Oxygen

A group of two brothers Solomon Rowland aka Slasha @rowlandslasha and Emmanuel Rowland aka Eldon@iam_eldon with mad skills and not even the serene, tempting atmosphere or the plea’s of momma could lure these Kogi State proteges away from sharing their musical abilities with their ever growing fans in Nigeria. Rowlands are the elder brothers of Gbemisola Rowland of Project Fame – they’ve been in the quest for self
expression via music for years which saw them mastering the etiquettes of professionalism in the music arena.
“Oxygen” featuring Gbemisola of Project Fame @gbemisola_pfame produced
by @iam_eldon is a stormy whir pool blazing its way to the hearts of
Naija’s fun loving music followers.
In their words, “Oxygen” is just a tip of the Iceberg compared to the
volcanic masterpiece which would soon be unleashed into the music world”. The music video was directed by Michael Williams. With a span
of musical genres ranging from R&B, dancehall to rock music; More to come from Rowlands! Rowlands in the building!!!.

YouTube Preview



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