Ruggedman – 8 Figures ft. Reminisce


“For those of you who thought he was going
into retirement, that’s not the case.
Ruggedman has come back harder than ever
in this hard hitting Rap track ‘8-Figures’.
It’s good to see that Ruggedman is still able
to deliver each and every time he comes
back. I guess this is what he meant in his
monster classic hit “Baraje” when he said “I
blend with the trend/stay forever like
Vulture”, because in this collabo with
Reminisce produced by Beniesmusic,
Ruggedman again shows he can kick it with
the reigning trend of music. This track is
definitely set to put Ruggedman back in
tough with his fans.
When asked ‘Why the title 8-Figures?’ his
reply was simple. My bank account is 7 but
I’m tryna reach 8-Figures!!!”


Posted By Kevin Jasper (@KevinJasper3)


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