PDP swarms Anambra communities with buses, cash

SUPPORTERS of the PDP, in Anambra State are
indeed smiling following the distribution of hundreds
of buses to them by the Tony Nwoye Campaign
All the 177 communities in the state were said to
have received at least a bus and mouth watering
amount of money to follow.
The gesture had rejuvenated the hitherto inactive
local government branches of the party as officials
in the various local government areas say they are
set to sell their candidate despite the short time
they have to do that because of the litigations that
trailed the party’s primaries
Only last week, a financier of the party, Prince
Arthur Eze promised to donate N4 million to every
ward that delivers Nwoye during the November 16
election, while the candidate himself promised N3

PDP is on ground — Emeakayi, PDP chairman

Chairman of PDP in the state, Prince Ken Emeakayi
has assured party men and other stakeholders that
the party was up to its duties in mobilizing support
for its candidate in the election despite the
challenges it has faced in recent times.
The PDP has been particularly challenged in
pushing forward a candidate following legal
challenges against Comrade Tony Nwoye who won
the party primaries. Plans by the party to flag off its
campaign last weekend was aborted following a
court order arising from the latest appeal by Prince
Nicholas Ukachukwu against Nwoye’s affirmation
as the candidate.
“You see what I don’t understand is how people
seem to be drawing conclusions.”
“Is there any law that says for you to campaign and
win election you must flag-off? Flagging off is the
way you choose to begin your campaign. PDP was
never planning a flagging off, what we were planning
and still planning to do is a formal launching,
whereby the national leadership of our party will
come and present the candidate of the party and
formally launch our campaign.”
“Our campaign has started in earnest in Anambra
State, we have been touring all the wards, all the
local governments, we have inaugurated our
canvassers long time ago and our canvassers have
been visiting homes, markets.”
“If party A decides to do fanfare, decides to do road
show and if they believe that that is what is going to
make them win, that is their strategy. I am not
bound to copy them.
Party B is not bound to copy them. There is nothing
stopping us from doing our programmes and all our
programmes are ongoing. It is the electorate who
will decide who their governor will be, it is not by
fanfare,” he said.
“There is nobody in Anambra State who will say
that he is not aware that PDP is campaigning, our
target is to meet the electorate and we are meeting
them by our own design, by our own style.”

Posted By Kevin Jasper (@KevinJasper3)


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