VIDEO: Zone Fam – Da Bidness


Zambian Rap outfit; Zone Fam have come full
circle, within the past year they have released
Hit after Hit including Contolola, Sinjonjo,
Propeller, Lobola and now “Da Bidness”. This
is all in anticipation of the release of their
second album in February 2014. Da Bidness is
Produced by Lobola Producer/Artist Shom-C
and the video was Shot by Nigerian Music
video Genius AJE in Nairobi, Kenya. Once
again this was all facilitated by the Taurus
Musik Team, which is growing into a force to
be reckoned with on the African Music scene.
The song has been mastered by Kenyan
Producer Kevin Provoke who is working with a
lot of upcoming artists in Kenya. The song will
be made available as a Free Download as well
as on digital platforms such as itunes, amazon,
spotify and more. The Release of Da Bidness
coincided with Zambia’s 49th Independence


YouTube Preview

Posted By Kevin Jasper (@KevinJasper3)


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