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Seriously, Chatting on Facebook Website can be sometimes Annoying, especially when you’ve got more than 500+ Friends Online and all of them tryingto Chat with you at once. Amtalking about my own Case, For Such Reason, I have Stayed off Facebook Chat because my System Hangs off, even afraid when have got Serious Clients online who want to to talk Business with me, I Simply Direct them to Yahoo! Messenger.
Today, Am happy to Say it Loud, Am back on Facebook Chat with the FTalk App [Facebook Messenger Software]. This Software works exactly like a Yahoo! Messenger, Giving you Accept to Talk to Hundred of Friends without any Issues, Smoothly and with no fear of your PC hanging.
FTalk even allow you to Share Pics, Videos with your Online Friends who you’re currently chatting with easily for Free.
FTalk is the easiest way tostay connected with your Facebook friends, Just clickon the desktop icon to launch fTalk, and you’ll always know when your friends are online to chat.
Why FTalk?
• Faster and more accessible than Facebook chat
• No need to open Facebook
• Get notified when friends come online
• Update your status right from the app
• Free and easy to use
• Cool emoticons
• Share Files e.g Music, Pics, Video easily.